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Wholesale Account Information!

Wholesale / Contract / Retailer Printing

Exceleron Sports offers a very virgorous pricing program for our wholesale and contract dealers. This option is available only to retail stores who will be reselling the products. Accounts must be approved before they can receive pricing information. In order to receive approval, the account must supply the FEIN [Federal Employer (Tax) ID Number], a blanket resale certificate from the state in which they are located in, and also a copy of their NYS, or other state Certificate of Authority to collect sales tax. Special accomodations are made on a case by case basis.

Exceleron Sports utilizes a top of the line automated order processing system, to ensure that your orders are processed accurately and efficiently. This system also allows our contract retailers to access order information, order status, and other account information instantly, on our website at My.ExceleronSports.com. In addition, Retailers are able to send direct messages to our production team, as well as add special notes to their orders as the order progresses. This allows for subtle changes and clarifications without interupting the order process.

We offer wholesale services for Embroidery, Silk Screen Printing, Heat Transfer, Tackle Twill, and other Promotional Products.

To inquire about our wholesale printing services, please contact our Accounts department, by dialing (585) 394-5170 Ext. 23, or sending an email to Sales@ExceleronSports.com.

Pricing factors:
Pricing is determined by a number a factors. Those factors include number of print colors, print placement, quantity of printed items, color of shirts/items, ink colors, and supplied artwork. We need all of this information in order to process a quote.

What we can print:
Shirts, hoodies, boxers, sweat pants, tote bags, handkerchiefs, tie-dyes, towels, golf shirts, shorts, tank tops. We can also print jackets, 5 panel printers hats, visors, banners, signs, and more. Nylon products may be limited to a one color print. We can print most items, but it is best to ask first.

What we can not print:
Teflon coated items, 100% Waterproof rain coats.

Turnaround Time:
Turnaround time varies week to week depending on our schedule. We ask for ten business days to finish orders, but can complete orders much quicker if needed. Generally, we like to complete contract orders within 7-10 days, but this can be extend during extremely busy seasons. We make every effort to complete orders sooner if our production schedule allows for it.

Saving Screens:
We save screens for two days. This does not mean that they will stay registered on the press. This means that after the screens are taken down they may be saved for up to two days before we clean them down and recycle them for another job. We can save them for longer, if needed, for an upcoming repeat order, but need to know in advance. The Navigation Panel on the left has a link to brief explanations and pictures as to how screens are produced.

Underbasing is needed whenever a dark shirt is used. You can think of it as a "primer". Screenprinting inks are semi-transparent and need a "primer" so that they will show up on a dark garment. There is another screen charge associated with this when a multi colored image is printed. The underbase screen image is a collection of all the other image colors rolled into one. This screen "underbases" the image so the the image will show clearly on a colored shirt. The only time a separate screen is not needed on a colored shirt is when the print only consists of one color. In that case only the same screen can be used to underbase and print. This means that there is no charge for an underbase screen, but there is a "double-hit" charge. This is because the labor is still twice as long and there is twice the amount of ink used. Below is a link as to what an image will look like on a colored shirt.


Embroidery Disks
For customer supplied disks PEC, PES, DST (Tajima), EXP (Melco), PCS (Pfaff), HUS (Husqvarna/Viking), and PHC formats are accepted. Basic changes to layout can be made (i.e. reorder sections, color changes, and resize up to 10%). Resizing past 10% will require a new disk as will increasing or decrease in the thickness of specific sections. Please note that customer supplied disks created for specific colors or fabrics may not be compatible with our products (i.e., previously done on hats may not sew well on bags). In cases such as these, a new disk may be needed.

Our Art Department:
Our Graphic Design department can create your design for you. We can do anything from recreating a simple logo to creating a multi-colored design for an event. Art charges vary for these kind of designs. Your final designs will be available on our top of the line order processing system at My.ExceleronSports.com, in the form of a PDF file for approval before the printing begins. There are art charges for us to create or modify artwork. Please contact us for our rates.

How to submit file formats:
In order to minimize or avoid art charges please email or supply files in a vectorized format.
The best file to send, depending on the art that is to be printed, is an Adobe Illustrator file (Please read the requirement list below). Do not send font files. Also send us a pdf version with all fonts converted to outlines in case there are any problems with the Illustrator file. Supplying a color picture or jpeg, in addition, will also allow us to double check the art so that no mistakes are made in case the vectorized file is corrupted during transmission. Please email any art questions to Artwork@ExceleronSports.com.

1: Convert all fonts to outlines (TYPE > CREATE OUTLINES),
2: Turn off all Overprint Strokes / Fills (in the Attributes box),
3: Email an EPS version AND a PDF file saved in Illustrator 9 or higher,
4: Do not use the Transparencies features,
5: Use spot colors in all objects instead of CMYK,
6: If PANTONE colors are to be used, leave a note on the image of which ones to use (charges do apply),
7: Attach/Email the linked imaged if there is one,
8: State the printed size, otherwise it will be left to our interpretation
9: Double check the files before sending them!!

If the art to be printed is a photographic color image, then please supply the art as it was originally produced (Please read the requirement list below). Do not compress the file. Do not save it as a jpeg as this will downgrade the quality of the art. Usually there are art charges for this kind of work that can not be avoided. It is always best to show us the art so that we can supply a quote before the order is placed. You can email us a low resolution jpeg only for the quote, but we ask that you send a high quality image, with the requirements below, to be used for the actual shirt.

1: Send us the original file as is,
2: Keep layers unflattened,
3: The Dots Per Inch should be at least 300dpi at the printed size, usually within a 12" by 12" square,
4: Only send a JPEG file as a last resort (see paragraphs that follow),
5: Create the art in RGB mode,
6: Attach a JPEG file for viewing purposes only,
7: Send us a printout of the final art,
8: Double check the printout and JPEG files!!

Art Size Specs:
We can print within a 14" x 17" tall area. We recommend for a full front print to stay within a 12" x 12" tall. Left chest should be no larger than 4"x 4". Bigger sizes can be printed, but will tend to look too big. Back imprints should be no larger than 12" x 14" tall. This is all dependent upon the size of the shirts being printed. Art for youth tees (youth medium and smaller) should be kept within a 9" x 9" square.

Drop shipping Items:
Drop shipped items are welcomed. If you supply us with the content and size breakdown we can count the items for you when they arrive for an additional charge ($0.05 per item). We can also ship out the order to your customer via UPS. Third party billing, or billing directly to your existing UPS account is also available.

If you need a quote please supply the following information:
*number of total printed items
*printing location
*number of colors on each location
*color of garment
*picture of the art if possible
*the file format in which the art will be sent
This information will enable us to give an accurate quote.

As a registered wholesale account, you will receive a wholesale pricelist for our printing services, as well as discounted pricing on any garments you need supplied.

Billing Information:
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Checks, Paypal and Cash.
For new accounts, generally the first few orders will need a 50% deposit when the order is placed. Full payment at time of pickup or before shipping, COD shipments are available at an extra charge. You can make checks payable to Exceleron Sports. We do offer Net 30 Day terms for established accounts that have completed a credit application, and have supplied credit references. For billing/invoice inquiries please email Accounts@ExceleronSports.com.

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