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How T-Shirts Are Made By Exceleron Sports...

1) First we start at the art department where the designs are output onto films. This is after the art has been finalized and approved by the customer.

3) The screens are washed out and left to dry. They are then checked for pinholes that need to be blocked out.

5) The printing process begins and the shirts are run through a dryer so the inks can dry. The inks for cotton and polyester garments only need to cure for 45 seconds before they are permanent.

2) The films are taken to the screen area where they are exposed to light sensitive screens.

4) The screens are then brought to the printing area and colored inks are added. They are then registered or lined up in place.

6) The shirts are piled and folded at the other end of the dryer. They are then boxed and ready to be picked up.

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